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Q. I have noticed that the Sweepstakes in the Sweep-Easy Sweepstakes lists suggest that you
don't enter another person on the same computer.

A. Some people have been disqualified by entering more than one person from the
same internet connection. Note that two computers using the same
internet connection in your house look like the same computer to ePrize.

Question: I have heard the term "Beginner Mistakes" frequently.  Can you list some?


a) Typing addresses when the rules specify hand-addressed.

b) Using another size envelope when #10's are required.

c) Using the wrong size card than what is required.

d) Leaving off required information.

e) Mailing too close to the deadline and thus missing it.

f) Putting all you entries into one envelope rather than mailing them separately.

g) Entering more than once when you are only allowed to enter once.

h) Entering sweeps for a certain age group, when you are younger or older than what is allowed.

i) Putting postcards inside envelopes.

j) Not putting flimsy 3X5 papers or 3X5 cards inside envelopes, and mailing them as is, with just the stamp right on them.

k) Entering for sweeps that aren't open to your state.

l) Writing your info in "script lettering" instead of printing it.

m) Typing or computer printing your info onto paper or cards.

n) Photocopying your 3x5's and cutting them up to send them in. (mechanically reproducing them)

o) Using a return address label on the 3x5 or postcard for your information instead of printing it out.

p) When you do win - Not getting the affidavit back to the Judging agency within the specific time limit.

Most, if not all, of these mistakes can be avoided by reading the fine print.  Not taking the time to read the rules is a rookie mistake.

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